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We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Rich teenagers, a family summer house, and a mystery.

I am way late to this book, but I really enjoyed it so much that I wanted to write a review. Sometimes a YA book will capture the imagination of teens and adults alike - We Were Liars is one of those books.

The story centers around 17-year old Cady. She is a privileged white girl with generational wealth. Every summer, the family comes together to spend the season out on their private island off the coast of Massachusetts. She, and her three friends, known as the Liars spend their summers doing what rich kids do - whatever they want. Until one summer, something terrible happens and Cady is struck by intense pain with no memory of the events.

The novel jumps back and forth in time as Cady remembers the summer and, ever so slowly, the mystery becomes clear. It's impossible to not immediately get sucked into this story. While the mystery itself is not all that spectacular, the Liars are fascinating look into blue blood summer lifestyles.

I can see why this book captured so many adult readers. It's perfectly moody with just enough of a dark edge and humor to it. I am sure that lots of people really enjoyed the twists thrown in by Lockhart. It's the perfect summer beach read to transport you to your own private island.

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