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The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes - Cat Sebastian

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Yesterday we talked about epistolary novels, and here I am with another one! How exciting to have two of them coming out in the same week.

Marian is being blackmailed, her husband is the worst kind of scoundrel, the kind with a title and the only good thing in her life is her baby girl. She has a plan, a great plan even, or at least it would have been. Somehow everything went wrong and now she’s on the run with her blackmailer, her husband shot by her own hand. What's that saying? The best laid plans of mice and men. Sometimes though, when something goes wrong, it’s actually gone just the way it was supposed to.

I am going to be 100% with you, I went into this book knowing nothing about it. My singular reason for requesting the arc was the cover. I mean look at it, how fun does this look? My guess based off the cover was that it was a regency romance possibly M/M or female who pretended to be a male.

One of the first K-Dramas I ever saw was one called Coffee Prince. It starred Gong Yoo 🤤 and Yoon Eun Hye. Eun Hye plays an employee of a Coffee shop who looks convincingly like a boy and who winds up falling for her best friend (Gong Yoo) who also develops feelings for her but is left confused because he has no idea Eun Hye is a girl. Based on the book cover, I assumed the story would go something like this. I was wrong but in the very best way.

The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes is the second book in the Kit Webb series, which I will now have to go read the first because this book is everything! Okay, not everything. I really don’t like it when romance characters go into a relationship with one of them having a huge possibly relationship ruining secret they are keeping from the other. It’s honestly the trope I have the hardest with. Thankfully Cat Sebastian knew how to help push me through my dislike of that trope. We as readers know the secret from the very start, and get to watch as this mismatched couple finds steady ground to walk on together.

If you are looking for a fantastically queer regency romance read, grab yourself a copy of The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes.

Huge thanks for Netgally, Avon, and Cat Sebastian for an advanced copy of this book.

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