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Thank You For Listening - Julia Whelan

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Since the accident that forced Sewanee into a career change, she's just kind of been allowing life to happen to her. Her best friend is becoming a mega superstar, a dream they both once shared. Her grandma is beginning to forget who Sewanee is, her dad is...well he exists and her mom is galavanting the world with her current boyfriend. When her boss asks her to take his place at a book convention, of course she says yes. As an audiobook narrator she knows just enough about the recording side of things to fudge her way through her panel. A night out with her best friend doesn't go at all as anticipated when the bff has to bounce and a smokin' hot irishman pops up giving Sewanee a night she will never forget.

Left only with the memories of that night in Vegas, Sewanee returns to her humdrum life and jumps back into recording her next book. What she doesn't anticipate is the instantaneous connection she feels with her narration partner Brock, who just so happens to be the top male narrator the romance genre has to offer. Conflicted over her feelings for a man she has never met and one that gave her a night to remember, a family in chaos, and still living with her past life hanging over her head; can Sewanee solve it all before her world crashes down around her?

Huge thanks to Netgalley, Julia Whelan, and Avon Books for the advanced copy of this book.

First thoughts right off the bat, this book is in the top 3 funniest books I have read in the last 5 years. I literally was laughing out loud so often my partner kept giving me the strangest looks. This is a romance novel that has every trope in the book so everyone is bound to enjoy it. We all know how much I love my epistolary novels and this one did not disappoint on that front.

When we are introduced to Sewanee we can see she is sassy, has a sense of humor, is dealing with emotional baggage she likes to pretend she has already unpacked and she keeps those around her at a distance. Her sass and humor come across in every interaction that she has whether in dialogue, text or email. There isn't any deviation from her voice throughout the entire book which made it all the more wonderful to read.

It's not hard to figure out where the story is going once you are introduced to ALL the characters, but don't think that you know everything. There are still some surprises in store for you by Julia Whelan. Thank You for Listening is a serious breath of fresh air that yanked me out of a reading slump by the hair and threw in my face all the reasons I love to read.

I highly recommend this book. Be prepared to laugh your ass off, get a little teary eyed, and want to return to Sewanee again and again.

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