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Review: Say You'll Be Mine by Naina Kumar

Meghna is just coasting through life waiting for the boy from college she's been in love with to realize he loves her back when an invitation to his wedding shows up at her door. Not only that but he has asked her to be his best person. It's a good thing she met Khartik on a date arranged by their parents, because they both are in need of a fake fiancé for just a little while. What could possibly go wrong?

Thank you Netgalley and Dell for an advanced copy of this book.

Tropes I love:

  • Fake dating

  • Arranged Marriage

  • He Fell First

  • He's a cinnamon roll but only for her

I mean there are more but these are the tropes that I go back to time and time again. Have you ever seen that show on netflix, Arranged? I love it. I am a glutton for arranged marriage shows like Arranged, and Married at First Sight. So when I heard that there was a book with a rishta (arranged date with the prospect of marriage) as the 'meet cute' for the main couple, I ran to Netgalley to request it.

This book had everything about my favorite tropes and the predictability I love when reading them. Khartik is a cinnamon roll who just hasn't realized it yet and Meghna lacks confidence in herself. I appreciate that this is one of those times where I didn't have to battle my irritation with the insta-love trope because M and K grow throughout the book because they have each other to rely on, without even realizing that the other person is bringing out all of the best in them.

Pros: Khartik is a consent man! We love a good hero who knows how to ask permission and not forgiveness.

Cons: Seth. I will leave it at that.

If you love a good arranged marriage trope with some fake dating/engagement I highly recommend Say You'll be Mine by Naina Kumar. I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and if you want to pick up your own copy you can here. A little reminder that when you use our links to make your purchase we get a tiny bit back that we can put into buying more books to share with you!

If you read this book and enjoyed it, I highly suggest checking out Arranged from FYI if you haven't seen it.



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