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Review: Ready or Not by Cara Bastone

Eve has gone and done it. Her first time having sex in a year and she's pregnant. The dad, a one night stand who just so happened to get back with his long time girlfriend right after their romp is leaving her on read. Her best friend, Willa, has her own opinions on the matter, some that are less than helpful. Eve isn't alone though, Willa's brother Shep keeps showing up when she least expects. Is it because of more than brotherly affection, or are her pregnancy hormones reading too much into it?

Netgalley.... oh boy do you know how to get me with those little emails you send out about new books to request. Every time, it turns out to be a winner for me. The Netgalley algorithm has got my number. I know that books with pregnancy aren't everyones cup of tea, and that is totally okay. It actually is one of those tropes that I really enjoy, because if a man can love a woman at the height of her pregnancy craze, it's gotta be real.

This isn't like most pregnancy based romance novels though. It starts with Eve finding out she is pregnant. Eve has such a strong support group, but not any of them are always strong. Not even Eve herself. Together, they might actually be able to make it through to child birth.

One of my favorite things about this book is the realistic look at pregnancy. Many books glaze over the ugly parts and the internal struggles women have throughout their pregnancies, Cara does not shy away from the ugly in Ready or Not. She masterfully writes the highs and lows of pregnancy announcements, relationship adjustments, life changes and the way it affects a woman's body (and not just talking about the boobs either).

The romance in this book took such a back seat to the upheaval of Eve's life and didn't even start coming to center stage until a little over 50% through. This is such a slice of life romance. It can be something that is happening right now to a woman anywhere. That's what makes it so believable, endearing, and the ending is absolutely brilliant.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys slice of life romance and isn't afraid of a little pregnancy trope. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 stars from me for Cara Bastone's Ready or Not. You can grab your own copy by clicking the link to the right. As a reminder we get a little bit of money with each of our links you use. We use that to purchase more books that we get to review for you!

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