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Get to Know Our Review Styles

As we begin Paperback Treasures in earnest, I thought it would be really helpful to discuss the different approaches that Chrissy and I employ in our reviews because there are some differences in both writing style and genres that you will see on the site.


For myself, I typically read a wide variety of things. My favorite genres are literary fiction and fantasy of all varieties, but I am a history grad student so every once in awhile you may encounter some non-fiction and memoirs in my reviews. I read purely based on my mood so while I will try to break up reviews so its not all one genre, I make no promises that will always remain true.

My reviews consist of a short synopsis and then my likes and dislikes of the books. I do not use star ratings because it's too hard to capture how much I like a book based on stars. I will rarely review a book if I really dislike it because I never want an author to feel that their work is being trashed because I truly cannot imagine writing a book and can only imagine the level of work and vulnerability that it takes to put it out in the world to be consumed. I typically don't take notes as I read and am notorious for not remembering character names.


Thank you for embarking on this journey with us. We are so excited to be back in this space and sharing our bookish love with the world again. Like Becca, I read based on my mood. I have shelves full of books I bought while in a mood that hasn’t quite hit me since, so on the shelf they sit. I am sure a few of them will wind up here someday.

I take notes as I read. I do it because I enjoy seeing how my thoughts and opinions change over the course of the book, or not. Sometimes a lot of notes, sometimes just a little. Then I take it all and mash it up into a review, for you. I’ll let you know who I think would enjoy the book, and who should keep their distance along with my star rating.

We will always put trigger warnings on our reviews so those who may be affected can avoid the book, but we will never discuss the triggering scenes as we want everyone to be able to read our reviews without being uncomfortable. Unless the book doesn't call for one.

Like books, reading, book reviews, and all things bookish? If you haven’t yet signed up for the treasure trove be sure to fill out the subscribe form here, so you will get a notification the next time we post!

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