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From Bookmarks to Paperbacks

In January of 2020 I had the brilliant idea to start a book review blog. I know what you're thinking, "what a great time to start something new". If only I'd had a crystal ball to show what the next year would bring.

✓ Book Burnout

✓ Review Fatigue

✓ Reading Slump

I felt it all. I went through one of my longest book depressions that even my favorite authors couldn't pull me from. I had hit a wall that nothing could get through. August 2020 came and with it, one of the most draining periods I've experienced on social media, so I left.




Even, my blog.

I had to step away from the toxicity that social media had become, for my own mental health.

In time, my wall fell. I found joy in reading again. I realized my blog hadn't been authentic to me. It had become something that I did because I felt I had to, not because I enjoyed it anymore. Over the rest of 2020 and most of 2021, I grew. I changed. I nourished my soul and tried to really find hobby's in life that were undoubtedly me.

Books. Reading. It always came back to books. The books I read were like comfort food and going home after a long time away. After months of thinking about returning to the blogosphere to find others I could talk to about this addiction I had, I poked my good friend Becca. Becca had used my previous site to post her own reviews and had continued with her own stunning #bookstagram so I knew, if she thought it was a good idea to make a comeback, then it was time.

I couldn't agree more with Chrissy on any of these points. Reading continued to be a love for me during the last year, but sharing my thoughts and expressions about the things that I love became a chore instead of a joy. As we considered returning to this sphere, it was with the intention of returning to the joy of all things books.

When Becca agreed to be my partner, I knew this time we needed to do things different. We didn't want to go back to our old page, we weren't the people we were when we took a hiatus from there. We wanted our page and social media to be representative of the women 2020 had helped us grow to be. So, Welcome to Paperback Treasures, where we share the books we love, talk about the ones we didn't and all things bookish in-between.

Like books, reading, book reviews, and all things bookish? If you haven’t yet signed up for the treasure trove be sure to fill out the subscribe form here, so you will get a notification the next time we post!

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