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Bride by Ali Hazelwood Review

Updated: Jun 12

Vampyres and Werewolves are out and about in the world of humans and for hundreds of years there has been a constant battle for power and land between the three species. The humans have had an uneasy truce with the vampyres, to ensure there is no war between them, every ten years they exchange collateral. A human for a vampyre, to live within the confines of the other population until they reach the age of 18, or war, and the first act of aggression in that war will be the death of the collateral.

It wasn't so long ago that Misery was that collateral, now that the humans no longer wish to continue the exchange, the vampyres must come to an agreement with the only remaining faction. Again, Misery is chosen to be given to the werewolves in exchange for one of their own, but this time, in marriage.

Misery's best friend is missing. She's searched all of the human world, her brother has searched throughout the vampyres, that leaves only one place left to look. She agrees to the marriage as an excuse to search for her friend. What she wasn't prepared for was Lowe, and if they are going to survive the next year together, they are going to have to learn to trust each other and maybe, just maybe, they will fall in love in the process.

Bride is definitely in my top 5 most anticipated reads of 2024. Like Colleen Hoover, Ali Hazelwood seems to be either loved or hated within the reading world. My first introduction to Ali's writing was with her debut novel, The Love Hypothesis in 2021. I loved it and knew that her books were going to be some of my favorites moving forward. Her characters have always seemed real and three dimensional to me, dealing with realistic life events. That is until she dipped her toe into the paranormal romance genre. When I say dipped her toe, what I really mean is she dove in head first off the highest cliff she could find and broke the water in a perfect swan dive.

I absolutely loved the character of Misery. Aptly named since her life seems ripe with one terrible event after another, from the moment she was born might I add. She is used as political leverage at every single turn in her life, never knowing who to trust, she finds solace in life with the humans and her human best friend Serena. She has no filter, doesn't take shit from anyone, and lives life filled with sass and spunk.

Yes, Lowe. Spank me and take away my TV privileges. - Misery

Lowe is the perfect counter part to Misery and exactly what I love to see in a fictional love interest. His character changes with each new thing that gets thrown at him. From the moment he is introduced, we can see where things are headed, it's called foreshadowing not foreinyourface but that doesn't make the ride any less enjoyable.

Also, we love a man who asks consent at every turn.

Is this book a literary masterpiece? No, but it is fun. The characters are well written and it is fueled by banter, romance and intrigue. I honestly had no idea who the villain was and I was shooketh when it was revealed. I read this in a single sitting, not putting it down until I was finished at 1am (ON A WORK NIGHT 😱). I enjoyed every page of Misery and Lowe's story and give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ with a 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️ rating. If you enjoy paranormal romance, Ali's previous books, or just a really fun smutty adventure featuring werewolves and vampyres, then this book is totally for you.

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