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5 Best Places to Find Discounted Books

If you are a #bookhoarder like me, than you are always on the look out for the best #bookdeals. I have grown quite the collection for myself over the last couple of years and wanted to share with you my tips on the cheapest places i've found to grab a book.

Thrift Stores

Goodwill is my kryptonite. I can always find a book there for a great deal. If you don't mind a gently pre-read book on your shelf, than this would be the first place I suggest you shop. I know Goodwill isn't available everywhere so find your local thrift store and go book shopping!

Thriftbooks is basically an online thrift store, just for books. Similarly to a thrift store, they sell gently and very well loved books. You can shop based on the condition you want the book to be in. While they are a little bit pricier than my local Goodwill, they have a huge selection that allows me to hunt down some great titles. I found out that Meg Cabots, The Mediator series had 2 more books I didn't know about, All thanks to thriftbooks.

Ebay has been my go to when i'm looking for an entire series and I don't want to make my purchases one book at a time. Like and thrift stores, you can find many pre-read options, as well as brand new ones! My most recent Ebay splurge was on the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter.

Kindle Unlimited

I know what you're thinking, that's a subscription, not a book. Hear me out though! If you don't have KU yet, I am here to convince you to make the plunge. I have found some really amazing books through Kindle Unlimited that I probably wouldn't have read otherwise. If you are a quick reader who tends to go through multiple books in a day like I sometimes do, then Kindle Unlimited is the best buy for you. If you purchase say 5 books that are offered on Kindle Unlimited as part of their subscription (these usually range in price but the average book is about $5), then you are spending $25. Or you can pay the $10 monthly fee and read hundreds of books all at your own pace.

Books I loved from Kindle Unlimited

How to Save and Undead Life (You already know I love Hailey Edwards)

The Fallen World trilogy (I actually bought this one in paperback because I kept going back to re-read it.)

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me (if you're looking for cute romances, Mariana Zapata is the queen.)

I'm going to be honest, I haven't ordered anything from here yet, but I am so excited to! It literally tells you everything you need to know, in the name. They offer books from $1.99 and up. I am really excited to make a big purchase here and see how much I can save compared to Amazon. Be on the look out for a post from me in 2022, I'll let you know if it's worth the buy!

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