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May 31, 2022

Fantasy, Romance, Romantasy, Mythology, Retelling

A Game of Retribution

Scarlett St. Clair

Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction, Romance, Saga

A Time to Remember

Anna Jacobs

Romance, Bipoc, Rom-Com, Young Adult

Flip the Script

Lyla Lee

Romance, Bipoc, Social Themes, Family Life, Debut

Love Radio

Ebony Ladelle

Romance, LGBTQ+, Social Themes, Fantasy, Young Adult

Out of the Blue

Jason June

Literary Fiction, LGBTQ+, Historical Fiction

Rainbow Milk

Paul Mendez

Fantasy, Young Adult, LGBTQ+, Magic

The Fae Keeper

H.E. Edgmon

Young Adult, Royalty, Bipoc, Romance

Tokyo Dreaming

Emiko Jean

LGBTQ+, Literary Fiction, Family Life, Paperback

With Teeth

Kristen Arnett

Debut, Family Life, Saga, Romance, LGBTQ+, Rom-Com

A Little Bit Country

Brian D Kennedy

Literary Fiction, Women's Fiction, Feminist, Paperback


Lisa Taddeo

Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Transgender, Feminist

Her Majesty's Coven

Juno Dawson

Literary Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

Meant to Be

Emily Giffin

Young Adult, Romance

Places We've Never Been

Kasie West

Thriller, Suspense, Women's Fiction


Sarah Goodwin

Literary Fiction, Women's Fiction, Supernatural

The Love Child

Edith Olivier

Literary Fiction, Science Fiction, Post Apocolyptic, Family Life, Saga

Walk the Vanished Earth

Erin Swan

Mystery, Women Detective, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Historical Fiction

A Rip Through Time

Kelley Armstrong

Literary Fiction, Debut

Double Blind

Edward St Aubyn

Young Adult, Romance

It's All in How You Fall

Sarah Henning

Young Adult, Bipoc, Romance, Rom-Com, STEM, Debut

My Mechanical Romance

Alexene Farol Follmuth

Young Adult, Bipoc, Social Themes, Family Life, Romance

Private Label

Kelly Yang

Young Adult, Mystery, Social Themes, Suspense, Thriller

The Counselors

Jessica Goodman

Bipoc, Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Historical Fiction

Together We Burn

Isabel Ibanez

Debut, Paranormal, Magic, Young Adult

Wished Upon a Cursed Moon

Jessica Sorenson

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