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May 17, 2022

Romance, Fantasy, Romantasy, Paranormal

A Little too Familiar

Lish McBride

Thriller, Suspense, Terrorism, Debut


T. J. Newman

Young Adult, LGBTQ+, Romance, Rom-Com

Melt with You

Jennifer Dugan

Thriller, Suspense, Mystery

Take Your Breath Away

Linwood Barclay

Romance, Rom-Com, Women's Fiction

All Fired Up

Dylan Newton

Horror, Thriller, Women's Fiction

Just Like Mother

Anne Heltzel

Thriller, Suspense, Women's Fiction

My Summer Darlings

May Cobb

Literary Fiction, Gothic, Women's Fiction

The Cherry Robbers

Sarai Walker

Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction

Bloomsbury Girls

Natalie Jenner

LGBTQ+, Middle Grade, Family Life, Young Reader, Transgender


Alex Gino

Literary Fiction, Coming of Age, Debut, Family Life

Notes on Your Sudden Disappearance

Alison Espach

Women's Fiction, Religious, Debut

The Forgotten Life of Eva Gordon

Linda MacKillop

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