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The Recipient

Shail Rajan

The Recipient

Kacie Nolan has created an almost-perfect life for herself as the popular mayor of Sycamore Ridge. Her side hustle as a small business owner is wildly successful and brings her true joy, as does her beloved dog Cooper. If only she could get past her self-imposed three-date limit, life would be perfect.

But the tranquility of Kacie's small-town life is about to be upended.

A famous musician unexpectedly disappears from the spotlight. Critics are panning his performances and the pressures of an international tour are taking a toll on his already fragile health. Rumors of an addiction swirl around him. But what no one knows is that the truth is much darker.

Their worlds collide in unforeseen and explosive violence, and they discover a secret that could change their lives forever...

Romance, Suspense, Women's Fiction